Project reports

Project reports will be available here from late 2020, with publications planned across a wide range of topics covered by the survey.



Papers and presentations

  • Perkins D 2017, Exploring ayahuasca practices & reported effects: data from a global survey, Breaking Convention conference, 30 June, London.
  • Perkins D 2016, Ayahuasca use across contexts: understanding difference and supporting safe practice, World Ayahuasca Conference, November 20, Rio Branco, Brazil. 
  • Perkins D 2016, Ayahuasca use across contexts, Beyond Psychedelics conference, 2 October, Prague.  
  • Perkins D, Schubert V 2016,  'Therapeutic and religious use of psychoactive plants: harm reduction and models of regulation integrating therapeutic, ethnobotanical, and human rights considerations' paper presented to the International Society for the Study of Drug Policy conference, 16-18 May, Sydney.
  • Perkins D, Schubert V 2015, 'Ritual transfer, ayahuasca and the pursuit of altered consciousness in the West', presentation to the Australian Anthropological Society conference, 1-4 December, University of Melbourne.